First-class cookies: Chocolate chunk knocks out snickerdoodles at American

So long, snickerdoodle. Make way for chocolate chunk.

American Airlines introduced a new chocolate chunk cookie earlier this month for passengers flying domestic first class.

The new cookies are produced by Best Maid Cookie Company and were first loaded onto flights on Sept. 11, American spokeswoman Leah Rubertino told TPG.

Rubertino said that the new cookies replace the previous chocolate chunk option — baked by Christie’s Cookies — that had been offered alongside the snickerdoodle option.

First class seats in a Legacy American Airlines 737-800. (Photo by JT Genter / The Points Guy.)
First class seats in an American Airlines Boeing 737 (Photo by JT Genter / The Points Guy.)

She added that, because of high demand, the airline would also be reducing cookie flavor options for travelers in domestic first.

“Our customers love the chocolate chunk so we’ve increased quantities ordered and removed the snickerdoodle to provide our customers even more of what they want,” Rubertino said in an email.

Featured photo by Victoria Walker / The Points Guy.